Admiral Fallow :)

Hey girlies so on friday night stuart & I went to see a glasgow band called Admiral Fallow and they were amazing! :D & they had 2 support bands called Chasing Owls who were pretty good and chilled but upbeat at the same time & also a band called Found but they were crap i mean we were yawning through there performance and they were just so static on stage as well not very good at all erghh! but heres some pics :) xx

These 2 pictures are Chasing Owls

This is Found :/

This is the crowd :)

This is the one and only Admiral Fallow the lead singer is called Louis i think.

This is a capture of the confetti the blasted out to the crowd :D

At the end of the night they all had a performance together and sang along
together, it was lovely :)

Hugs&Kisses xoxo

Leapord print nails

Hey girlies :) this is a post of my cool funky nails i dont the other day with the borrowness from a friends nail art pen hope you all like it and Follow me :) love youse! <3

Hugs&Kisses xoxo

Lush BathBomb

Hey girlies so im going to do like 3 blogs tonight because i havent had my laptop to do it sorry :) and please Follow me :D xx

this was the colour of my bath at the start :)

Like my new nails? im going to do a blog post on them soon and this is what the
bath baomb looked like :p

this is it dissolvving into the water

it smelt nice but i didnt think much of the colour :/

i think you can tell why LOL

and this was the end product as i said i didnt like the colour of this one
but it was relaxing :p

Hugs&Kisses xoxox


Little Blue Dress

                                            Hey everyone :) as promised :) an outfit post today :)

Dress: River Isalnd £20

Necklace: Asda £2.50

Earrings: cant remember where i got them sorry, £2.00

Rings: Primark, pack of 4 £2.50

Ring: New Look £5.00

Leggings: Primark £3

Love&Hugs xoxo


Postbox Red

Hey everyone, so again im so sorry i havent actually done an outfit post but i will have one up very soon ie tomorrow, but for now i will show my absolutley favourite nail polish atm :) i got it from Primark ages ago i dont remember how much it was but it might have been like, £1.50 or £2.00 its called just Nail Polish.

Night Night all :)





Bits & Bobs Make Me Smile :)

Hey Girlies,

I'm so sorry i havent blogged for so long but for a long while i have just been feeling
very shitty and not getting dressed and like not bothering because im ill :( but i have decided to just do
a little random post tonight and show some pics that i have taken over the past few days and what has happened :)


This is a friend of mine from Uni and she also has a blog and she gave me some chrsitmas presents tonight and they were awesome i couldnt get a picture of them tonight but i will try and get one tomorrow and have a post for everyone tomorrow and show you all :) there great! <3


This is also another friend of mine from Uni who also gave me an awesome christmas present! everyone at uni knows i love tofeffeees and she got me them!! i love her and also i loooovee Lush products and she bought me a little gift set its so cute! <3

Thanks Guys, God i have the best friends ever :)

Thought ide show a daily routine of mine and stuarts whenever we go into town or just wanting to warm up, we always go to either Costa or Starbucks he prefers Starbucks but im Costa because of my
Costa points i get :D

Found this and thought... god i want my hair to be like that again! i miss my old hair :(

I was looking through old school pictures and found this one, it's me and my old school friend
Caroline, shes crazy nuts but they were the good old days when i got to see all my firends
every day at school, now i miss them and school! lol what a geek 8-)

This was my christmas tree this year :D there are soo many presents every year and its amazing! the family always comes together on chrsitmas, its magical <3

This was and is the cutest thing ever that my bf, Stuart done, hee sent me this on my ipone,
he thought he'd be cute and once he come out of the shower right 'i <3 u' on it and send
me it, but it done the trick as it put the cutest smile on my face lol

Now this little dare devil is my gorgeous little Nephew, Koby!
Hes like nearly 5 months old now and hes so cute, when you stand him on his feet on your lap he stands and giggles and tells you stories and stuff its just the cutest thing on earth.EVER!

Reinacting Simon Cowell, Koby, he was just about to get changed into PJ's for beddy baws :)

This one was a random 18th that i didnt even know the person i think but megan
decied to have some pre drinks at hers and it was lots of fun :)

I know this one isnt the right way round but it didnt let me sort it right :(
sorry guys! <3 This is me at my friends 18th, Megan she lovely :)

Love&Hugs xoxo