Empties no.1

Hey my lovelies!

So ive been collecting products that ive totally finished up and ive got quite a few, i was going to do a youtube video on it but the weather forecast is restricting that iidea completely! :(

Body Scrunchy - These are great! i much prefer to use these over a body cloth or a spnge. this is only because i feel like if i  (anyone) do have any rough or dead skin that they havent got with their bodyscrub this will sure get it!
Rose Shower Gel - My boyfriend got me this in a set from L'occitianne, i got it for valentnes day, its one of them things that sits about for just being pretty, but i thought ide actually use it, and i loved it! im not one for rose smells, i love floral and citrus smells better but this surprised me :) it wass lovely and not too strong that t made me feel ill, it lathered up really nicely as well! very mpressed!
Nspa Shower Gel - Another one that was just sitting about because of its lovely colour! that the problem with the little mini products that you get in a set, isn't it! you never want to use them because there so cute! ANYWAY! this was nice. Nice Smell, Not overly impressed by it, personally i wont re-purchase it.
Garnier Mineral Invisicalm deodrant - i love this deodrant, smells frsh, clean and doesn't leave any white marks definit repurchase!
Nivea Inviseable deodrant - same as above, i also love this packaging, i have the roll on for this and its lovely! its also in a glass bottle!
Ganier InvisiDry Deodrant - same as above.
Batiste Touch of Brunette Dry Shampoo - i have already re-purchesed ths! i dont know why i never used it before. It's not even that expensive, although it may just be me but i think one skooch of this and it feels like ive used the tine! smells amaz-balls too!
Coconut Shampoo - I love the smell of this, its a brilliant shampoo for only like 99p i think i is, aslo a little goes LONG way!
Avon, Advanced Techniques conditioner - i like using this for a deep conition for my hair once in a while, its lovely, really thick but when washed off doesnt leave any resedue and doesnt leave my hair feeling heavy or limp.
Clinique Moisture Surge Miosturiser - OHH!!! i loved this little beauty, it was lovely, sunk into my skin beautyifully, wasn't too light, its lovely and thick but as i said sinks in lovely after just a minute. this was sample size i got and was gutted that i ran out of it! :( but i did go and see how much the full size of it is and it £30 for like a tub of it and atm when ive got loads of other miosturisers to use, i wouldn't buy it. ut as soon as i do run out of the rest i think i will buy it!
Natural Collection Foundation - For starts, this is only £1.99, which is awesome if your on a budget. It is a nice foundation, not my favourite, but its was lovely to apply and alright coverage. Left a dewyish finish, but didn't really last that long throughout the day.
FCUK Showerscrub - i got these about a year ago from one of my friends back home and i kind of just threw it to the back of my product box, but i got it back out to use it up and tbh im not impressed. The exfolient beads were a little too small for my likeing. When i used it i felt like all the product just slid down my body/legs and down the drain with even getting a chance to rub it into my skin.
Ted Baker Shower Gel - Again another prduct thats been lurking around. But thiis had such a lovely smell to it, it didn't lather up nicely it just knd of sat there on my scrunchy. :(
NSpa Cranberry Bath Syrup - Ohhh i loved thiis, it made me really relaxed and it was like being in Starbucks, smelt dilsh! It reminded me of of Chrcstmas as well, which is always a bonus at this time of the year! Will deffo be getting another one of tthese little sets!
Boots, Babywipes - these were nice, they kept there miosture quite well and for quite a long time. They did last a while too and got quite a lot of make up off of my face without using another one, also, they were very nice for my skin, very sensitive and soft.
Skin, Make up Wipes - Never buying these again! they dried up so quickly and was really rough on my skin which left it irritated and sore.
Rimmel London Glam'eyes mascara - This is the one with 2 parts to it, Volume and Length, I loved this mascara. It became my little best friend whilst i was doing my make up before i finished it. It gives amazing voloume to your lashes and the length really does work too. i tried using with a mascara primer under it too and curling my lashes and it honestly looked liked i had false lashes on. Can't wat to get another one of these! 
Collection, lasting perfection concealor - Well you've probably herd of this little miricle worker before!? It's amazing for covering dark circles under your eyes, and also, covers blemishes and spots really well to because it is so thick. Can't wait to get this again too
Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Kirstea and cake Photoshoot!

Hello gorgeous ones :)

Frist of all! Got some good news! Ive now been to my first ever bloggers event which was set up by the gorgeous Paula << dont know how to speel your second name hun sorry! -_- AKA TheBrantasticLife

I will blog about it soon!

Now these are just some photos from my recent photshoot with the kirsty, AKA Kirsteaandcake

These were done for one of my projects at Uni! YAY!

hope you like them!

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Hello my lovelys :)
So yay for me! blogging more than just once a week! hehe, well on with the post :) so ive seent hese sort of posts quite a lot and i enjoy finding out what peoples face is actually worth :) so i though ide jump on the band wagon too :)

Enjoy seeing how stupidly expensive or cheap my face is :)
LOOK! i hit pan! yay!

So, for my face i used, Rimmel London wake me up foundation mixed with natural collection foundation also mxed with a sample of miosture surge from clineque, and powdered with the natural collection pressed powder, so that comes up to £12.86. I think that not bad for my base :)

For my concealer i used collection (2000) lasting perfection concealer which is £4.98 im sure :)

For my bronzer i used, 17 instant glow bronzing powder, but thats old, OLD and i mean old! so i dont remember how much that was but i think it may have been in the £5 mark, and for my blusher i used M.U.A mosaic blush n English rose, which is £2.50, so that comes to £7.50 for my cheeks.

 For my eyebrows i used, Vivo, from tesco eye and brow palette which costs £5.99 i think.

For my eyes :) i used Essence Gel Eyeliner, which cost me 4.90 euro on holiday so about £3 i think, i then used a very old pallette for my eye shadow so im not going to include that because its DONKEYS old :p For mascara i used Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night which cost me £7.99, So that adds my eyes upto £10.99

And last but not least i used a NYC lipstick in 405 Blue Rose, which costs, £4.49 :)
 So all in all my face costs £46.80

Im so pleased with that! i think i may even call that a 'budget' face :)

thank you very much for stopping by guys :)

Hugs&Kisses xoxo
Oh! look how much makeup came back off my face! erghh!! thats disgusting!