Review: The body Shop: Green Apple Bath & Shower Gel

Hey guys! So heres a little review on this gorgoues, refreshing shower gel!

The body shop says: Let you skin blossom with a gel that cleanses and refreshes. Just like our original one. Now with Community Trade organic aloe vera.
On the back it also says: This bottle is pretty special, Why? Because it's made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. It doesn't end there. Our aim is to make all our PET botttles from this plastic; a staggering 30 millon bottles a year! Helping to save natural resources and reducing our mpact on the planet. Naturallyy, we think it a great idea. Group hug anyone?
I say: This is freeking amaze balls! I love it! I usually use it when i have showers in the mornings/afternoons, this is because when you open the bottle it really does smell like your biting straight into a juicy, big, fat granny smiths apple! which i really didnt mind as i love them! the only thing is, i found it a scent that i had to get used to. At first i hated it and made me feel ill but once i got over that reaction i absolutly love it! It lathers up so well and just feels amazing when your in the shower and the bathroom steams up and all you can smell is the freshness from the shower gel itself! Personally i think that it feels lovely on my skin too and it doesnt leave any sort of horrible greasy, resedue eaither which is always a 100% bonus from me! Although its amazing and all it does come with a price tag *sad face* individually i think these 250ml bottles sell at like £6 each, which is quite a lot for just a shower gel to me, as way back when, i didnt really care what i used as long as i was clean! But overall i would recomend this shower gel to anyone who loves very strong and slightly over powering scents.
Hugs&Kisses xoxo



Heys Guys!

So i mght be a little late on this post but i have to do it! Its for such a great cause and there has to be more awerness about this type of cancer, it is prostate cancer and other male cancer initiatives. Men have the amazing chioce to grow a moustache from the start of november till the end and hopefully get sponsered for it, all the way and most of the men look, to me, kind of odd, mad, chemistry teachers! but hey ho, hopefully they will raise much more awerness for it from dong this fun project to do! So heres my ltttle movemeber pictures for you all to laugh at!

Hope your Brother, Dad, Grandad, Boyfriend etc is growing their marvoulous moustaches!

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


DIY: Make Up Holder/Organiser

Hey girlies!
So i'm just going to be showing you my little creation that ive done by using a glass holder that one of my old candles was in. :) Enjoy! Hope youse try and re-creat it yourself and if you do, be sure to send me a picture via my twitter :) @wowyouregorg

Step 1: Clean out entirely and clean dry.
Step 2: Choose your favourite nail varnishes to paint your glasss holder to make a funky design, i just choose to do melting paint look.
Step 3: Let it dry entirely and pick some pretty pebbles/stones to keep your make up brushes sliding everwhere.
Step 4: VIOLA! your pretty make up stoage holder with your lovely make up brushes inside them.
P.S  I need to clean mine! Erghh! CBA!
Hug&Kisses xoxo