Some Random and Christmas Make Up

First of all! Merry Christmas eve everyone!! i hope your all in the christmas spirit! i am a little but its not the same this year as iver got older its not as special but especially since my 2 big brothers and big sister have moved out because we all got exited and worked up together but now its just me in the house and its boring but hey ho its all part of growing up i suppose :p

secondly i forgot to take my phone upstiars with me today to get changed
and my dad took my phone a basically helped himself to it
and as you can see he took pictures! of himself! and tigger my dog.. he look like a devil!! :p
oh dear dad!!

              this is what i am wearing on my eyes
              today i thought  it was nice because its
              gold and sparkly! :D i just just loveeee

Nice post box red lips.. i love wearing bright colours on my lips now a days
i never did before but i think since going to fashion uni im becoming more brave with
my make up! :D but i thought ide something silly and take a picture of it and so i did.. dont you just hate when people where bright red lipstick and then go about with it on their teeth! its disgusting!
anyway this is from avon and its called red 2000 :) i love it

This is my make up foundation, minerals, mascara and eyeliner! its all from avon!

Just a random little pic of my christmas dinner table all set up already by my gorgeous mother!
She a dabb hand at everything! it Beautifull and its not even finished yet!
I cant wait to have dinner tomorrow because my big sister son Koby, is having it too
its his first christmas and although he cant eat solids yet i think it will be fab!

Another random... The Sun newspaper i think yetserday though it was some sort of crime
that Rihanna went into Mackie D and qued in line and then bought something..
after all Sun she is a normall human being after all!

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


iphone and accessories..

Got my upgrade for my phone! and of course i got an IPhone because i just slimpy love them! i was going to get the white iphone 4s but i would have had to wait to get untill after christmas i didnt want to, just wanted good to happen that day as for happened to me the night before! So here it is! my new phone! <3

So i thought i would go through my accessories and rings and things that ive bought over the last 4/5 years and i had tonnes of things all muddled up and horrible beads and stuff so they are getting thrown out!

I have like 15 rings collected, about 50 pairs of studs loads of bangles and god knows how
many necklaces i have LOL! thank god for the occasional clear out of things!

I havent been feeling very good the last few days but i am going to try and do an outfit post tomorrow
because i will be up early and bright so i will have time to do one and be ready.
I am going for a dentist checkup in the first in time in so long! Its a new dentists in ayr that has just opened and its called SMILE i think but my mum and cousins say
they are brilliant as they calm you down and stuff so hopefully i'll be fine!
Oh and as for the fraud thing i am getting a full refund from all of the 4 transactions, THANK GOD!

Hugs & Kisses xoxo


Russel Howard

Hey Guys im just posting tonight as i forgot to post last night but going to see Russel Howard was an epic Christmas present it was soo much fun and going with stuart made it even better! He was soo funny! in the second half he wore a blimmin thing to do a joke! how uncomfortable must have he been?! good on um though! highly recomend to go and see him live! he is so much better!

Tonights Badtimes :(

tonight i thought ide just go onto my hotmail to check my e-mails and to my surpprise i seen 4 e-mails from paypal saying that i have spent over £110 of something to facebook ireland! i dont even know what the heck it is!! :( but i have now made a claim to paypal and hopefully it will get sorted within 10 working days it said! so will post on the news! Hope this hasnt been done to any of you guys, its the most horriblest thing ever to happen! :(

Going shopping tomorrow with my mum, to get some more presents for my beloved boyfriend but now to my mums awesomeness!! she is going to pay for them atm and when i get money back i will re-pay her!

Hugs and Kisses xoxo


Snowy day and seeing Stuart!

Going to Glasgow!!!

My pictures are a bit mudled up im sorry but im so exited because
im travelling to glasgow today at 12.30 and getting the train and the last proper time i was on a train
was when i was in college and its bringing back memories of getting up soo
ridiculously early! Anyways! I'm going up here because Stuart and I are going to
see Russel Howard tomorrow at the secc. I cant wait! i'll post tomorrow
and let you all know what hes like! He got the tickets for part of my Christmas!
God im spoiled from him <3

Ok so i was bored last night and decided to paint my nails different colours!
I love having different coloured nails aposed to all the same colour!

OK, so i have had this ring for like a billion years and its my fav!
It's from Asda Goerge and it was only a fiver! which is awsome because
it hasnt turned my fingers green or blue.

These are probably the wrong footwear to be wearing in the snow but i don't own any like, snowy shoes so its converse today!
Converse - Shcuh

Necklace - Primark
Crop Jumper - Asda Goerge

Alice in the wonderland necklace - PRESENT FROM MUM! :D

This is a random pic but as the title says snowy day i thought to show you
my back garden and next doors too! i woke up this morning and it was
like i was in winter wonderland it was so white and untouched! but then reality hit in
and i was fretting incase the trains were getting cancelled! but thy havent!! yayy!

Hugs and Kisses xoxo


Uni Times

Well this is a pic of me and one of my flatmates at halls, shes awesome and well this night we got extremely drunk!

Although i look hammered in this picture i do love it because its just so natural
and my make has un-natuarly stayed perfect :D love it!

well this is my first post and gonna try and do one at least a few times a week
to get used to the whole blogging thing because its fun! jumping in a shower now and then asda later on with stace :) the joys of being a student, having to buy my
own grocery shop! :p

Hugs&Kisses xoxo