Touch of colour

Hello my Lovelies :) 

So i was playing about with some makeup the other day and came up with this look :) 

i hope you like it, i wont be listing the products that i used. This is only because i will be filming a tutorial on it over on my Youtube channel soon. So head over there and watch it soon :) hopefuly it'll be up by the time your reading this :) 

Its a very bright, summery look. Whcih cheered me up instantly on such a dull day i was having.

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Mua nails & First Impressions

Helloo my lovelies

This is a little nail post as you can see by the title :) 

I went on a little shopping trip the other week, and wandered into my local super drug and had a look at the MUA 'counter'. They have came out with a new brand of nail polishes, i don't know if they have re made the formula of the nail polish itself, but it is clear that they have changed the bottle size and look of bottle all together. It still has 3ml of product in the bottle though. The bottle looks incredibly similar to the Essie polish bottles as you can see in the picture below that i took to compare them with, that you can also purchase in super drug. although i like it i think they have 'copied' the bottle way too much and tried their damn best to have exact same shape and look. 

My first impressions of the polish is quite good, as i think for a minimal price of a quid, you really are getting what you pay for. The formula is a little runny and uneven to apply with but as soon as you build it up it gives a lovely opaque finish. It gives a very glossy look and with the clear top (which i also bought) on top of it, it just really does look gorgeous and looks like you have spent a little more money than you have on your polish, which for me as a student, is great! 

I think if your just getting into painting your nails and wanting to try some in-expensive nail polishes, i would totally recommend these! There a steal at only £1! They are a great purchase if your on a tight budget and they also have loads of different, pretty, colours to chose from! 

I love them! 

Sorry about the horrible nails, i'm in the middle of growing them out so there nice a pretty for posts like these.

Hugs&Kisses xoxo