Hand in and Exam STRESS!

Hey everyone!!

So this is most probably going to be a rambly post.. I fully warn you.

I have a lot I want to get off of my chest about how I am feeling about hand ins and exams and my university too.

So this is the week that the Easter Holidays start, and that is all fine and dandy for the most part but it is also the part when I start to S*** my panties a little. I have got so much work to do and it is all stuff that confuses me at the moment. All the things that are easier are all done with and waiting to be presented. I have made a collection of 4 Evening Gown Dresses for my 3rd year collection and although this sounds exiting to most people, to me it has been a stress fest! They look great to me now that they are all finished with but there are little problems with my dresses that a retail shopper wouldn't normally notice, these problems include; having to finish numerous seams off by hand stitching because you cant get into that part with a machine and the biggest one is, for the most part of me producing these dresses I used cotton thread on a polyester material and if you don't know what that means, it means that because polyester has a little stretch in it and cotton hasn't at all my seams are pulling up ever so slightly and I am afraid I am going to be pulled up on that when it come to presenting!

The dresses do look good though so I am very pleased with that.

Another problem that has stressed me out, for the majority of the time I have been designing and producing my patterns is, the block patterns that we work from aren't the normal, average size and they are completely different to the dummy sizes too. So say I use a size 10 block to draft my patterns, that garment will not fit the size 10 dummy properly because its not the same at all. SO STRESSFULL!

I was also planning on staying at my flat over the Easter period and go into the library as often as I could and for as long as I could to get my work done, but they aren't open until 9 and they shut at 5!! I mean most Universities I know have there library open even longer than normal (until early hours in the morning for some) but ours only stays open for 8 hours, and I know that sounds long but for what we need to do it really isn't!

It really frustrates me that my University has to shut that early.. and we don't even have a proper chill out area to go to because 'The Space' that is accordingly ours to chill out in was taken over by college students, as soon as it opened and they bounce about and 'fanny' about in there all of the time!

Arghh! sorry about this post being negative and ranty but I am glad I now have that out and off of my chest!

On a brighter note.. my classmates and I have and are still organising our own Fashion Show to be held in Galashiels to show off our collection work, because unfortunately Fashion Technology students don't get to show off there work at the end of either 3rd of 4th year, Which is a huge shame as there is so much talent in these classes that isn't being shown and they are not getting the recognition they deserve. The Fashion Show is called 'Technically Beautiful' and I am sure you will here more about that in a few posts to come and see photos of my classmates collections on the catwalk amongst my own.

Love E.