Hello Kitty make up brushes (MAC)

Hey my lovely jubblies! <3

so i am going to do a little post on make up brushes tonight whilst watching ''confessions of a shopaholic'' lol !! now i know im a fashion student because im obssesed with all things fashiony! anyways! how are all of you tonight then? i feel like s*** warmed up! i have a bad cough i have a blocked nose :( i have a stuffy headache and i just want to go home and see my bf! oh! and i have toochache! not that much going well for me tonight/today! but anyways, again, i bought these make up brushes on ebay because i needed some proper ones that i can use for every part of my face, because as of this moment i only use 3 powder brush, blusher brush and eyeshadow brush and im getting bored of them! so here are what they all look like...

this is just what the packaging of the little case looks like.. quite cute me thinks :)

as you can see it says MAC on the little thingy but im not too sure if it is real MAC or not

you do get 7 brushes in the kit so not really complaining :) thanks ebayer!

Hope you liked my little blog for tonight and hope your all welll do follow me if you like my blogs and there will be many more to come so bye for now my lovely jubblies!

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Hello Kitty the Yummiest!

                                                                               Hello my lovlies! <3

Ok so i bought these really cute cupcakes at asda like last weekend when stuart was here and thought omg! i just have to buy them, because to start with i was actually going to buy smarties ones and then the both of them were in my trolly and then i thought god emma! i cant have them both so ov course i put back the smarties ones and by put them back.. i mean i put them back and the freezer section! dont you ever do that? just put something back anywhere what you dont want because you cant be bothered trailing across the whole shop to put it back in its right place? no? ok so just me them? and if you said yes! :D then go us haha!!! anyway they were only a £1 and you get 9 little cupcakes in them so i was complinaing!! :D and they were extrememly yummy! :)


Hugs&Kisses xoxo

Very late valentines post!

                                                                       Hey my Lovliess!!

So i know im a little late on the whole valentines day post but since i just done my croc nails one i might as well do this one while im at it. I had an ok valentines day at first because i was still stuck in Gala at uni because i had a couple of classes but after that i had to humpf about with like 5 big bags and a huge card for stuart on the 2 buses that i have to get to go up to glasgow but once i got there the bad day turned around and he made it all better! i was greeted with a gorgeous bouqet of flowers..

these are the gorgeous flowers i got given from my amazing boyfriend!

And once we got home (stuarts house) i got told to put down all of my bags and and shut my eyes and i got guided upstairs untill we got to his bedroom and he was so cute because he had laid out this little box with valentines goodies in it for me with a card infront saying 'open me' and all around was scattered rose petals they werent real ones but all the same hey! i didnt get a picture of this but it was gorgeous and you can just picture it in your head! so this is what i got for my valentines.. What did you get? post a comment below and tell me :D i love reading what people recieve from their other half!

with flash

without flash

this is a little cookie i got from asda! and it was tasty! its like ginger biscuit! <3

all of these pictures are little coupon thingys that are actually
on my valentines card! it is a muppets card i got and i love it lol! as you can see i get to choose
what i want each day from what im in the mood for! <3

P.S just a little disclaimer! im not trying to brag about what i got or anything like because i know im a special girl that gets a lot from her boyfriend but he just loves spoiling me lol..

                                                                       Hug&Kissess xoxo


Crocodile Nails

                                                                         Hey my lovlies!

So i made a video and mentioned that i had bought some Barry M Croc nail paint and im pleased to show the way that it had turned out! i love it! but the only thing that had to let it down for me is that it takes ages to dry and it smudges too easily! it is gorgeous but you just have to be a patient little bunny for them to dry properly and be able to things with your hands again! If you havent already, i deffo will advise you to get some of this gorgeousness on your hands at once as it really pretty and super girlie i think and its just b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-l!!!!!

This is the colour that i ut underneath the croc paint.

This is just a far away shot of it

and this one you can really see the detial of how it seperates and stuff and how its just gorgeous!

Hugs&Kisses xoxo