What's on my face #1

Hello my darlings :)

I'm trying my best to blog more now that I'm home. So here's the first of a series I'm going to try and do :) But, first off, Look what I bought!!! Something from DIOR! arggghhh, I'm all giddy with excitement! You'll have to head over to my youtube channel HERE to find out what I bought in my next video, coming up soon :)

Arggh! look at the pretty packaging! I'm in lustrous love.

So, on my face we  have:
Benefit, Pore porefector
Rimmel London, Perfect match foundation in true ivory
Blusher: MUA blush in a coral colour I cant remember the name sorry guys!
MUA Mosaic bronzer
Soap & Glory, Hocas Pocas Highlighter
Clinique, high impact mascara
Essence, Gel eyeliner
MAC: Morange lipstick
MeMeMe: orange lip gloss
Hope you dollies enjoyed this post, I got the idea from Lilly Pebbles from her blog, its a nice ay to remember hat you ore on your ace on certain days hen you think it looks lovely :)
Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Eyeliner looks

Hello my lovelies :) 

So i know i havent posted anything on here for ages but this is because ive just finished my second year in uni :) so ive been a very busy little bee lately!

So my sister in law was speakig to me about different eye liner looks a while ago and i said that ide do some and take pictures of them and explain how i created them. So here we go :)

1st look

This is just the basic eyeliner look where there is no flick at the end or no definit thick or thin lines. All that you have to do for this is to draw a very thin line right in close to your lash line and this will just eccentuate the lashes and make them appear thicker and fuller.

2nd look

This is just the same as the 1st look apart from that i added on a flick, all what i had to do for this is to hold the eyeliner pen to the side and pulled it into to attach the 2 lines together and this makes the look a little bit fancier and gives the elusion of longer lashes at the sides :)

3rd look

This is exactly the same as above apart for that i applied more liner to the centre of my eyelid to make the liner thicker and more bold looking.

4th look

This one has a dramatic look, more like an Amy Winehouse look like this one HERE, this is done by doing the same step as the 2nd look apart taking the flick right upto where the brow stops and bring the line down to make a triangle shape that you have to colour in with the liner and into right where tear duct is.

5th look 

This is exactly the same look as the 4th one, all i have done differently to this is i have added black kohl  pencil to the water line on my bottom lashes and i have also tight lined my top lashes. This look could be described as gothy or more rock and roll but i actually quite like it for my more daring days :)

Hope you all enjoyed my little how to post on these eyeliner looks, and if you give it a shot be sure to show me by tweeting me HERE and have with your makeup :) lots of love