OOTD - Belated

Hello my lovely jubblies

OK! So i know im bad at posting late posts but i do have a lot of work to be done and most of the time i cant even do it because the internet is always down at halls :( grr!! so i do it when im in the library *coughs* (doing work) lol!! but the other day it was so sunny and it was lovely so decided to take a few snaps before i went to the gym so sorry about the blurryness of some of them it was because i was in a rush :p

so sorry about the shittyness of my pictures atm :(

Boots : asda £5.00
Earrings : Primark £2.50
Diamonte ball ring : Asda £4.00
Necklace : Asda $3.00
Pink Blazer : Primark £15.00
Orange jersey dress : H&M £3.00
Scarf : Primark £3.00
Turqoise ring : Primark £2.50

Whats your favourtie thing to wear when its sunny but still a little chilly out there?

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Pastelled out of my mind!

Hello my lovely jubblies!

So this was an outfit that i wore the other day once i had went shopping so basically everything i had on was new and it was the best shopping trip ive ever went on! You wanna try going yourself one time if your not one for being distracted and shizz! i literlly got up at 8am and got into town with my mum for half 10 because she started work at 10 y'see! as i was going round the shops i litterly had all the time in the world to swatch different make up, try things on properly with my dad being there moaning at me that im taking too long, and smeel things properly too! it was so much fun! i thought i would be going and feeling like a complete loner but i didnt! yay for shopping alone!

If you want me to i will do a blogpost on what evrything i bought but i did and youtube video on it, My youtube channel is Theebown. I dont why its went like that but i cant find a way to change it! :(

This is just a little picture that i actually took to send to stuart but i really like it if i do say so myself lol

This is little blazer that i got and it just caught my eye straight away and i knew i had to have it!

these are boots i got in the sale! love em!

Ok =! so as soon and i seen this scarf as i walked in the shop i just knew i was walking out with it lovely with all the on trend pastel colours!

These are beads that i got because i donated money to help harry help other campiagn and i will be doing a post on all about this so if your intersted saty tuned!

Blazer: Primark £15
Blouse : Primark £10
Scarf: River island £10
Boots: £5 SALE
Beads: helpharryhelpothers.com

would you ever go shopping yourself? do you enjoy as much as i did that day?

Hugs&Kisses xoxo

Space Girl up to the moon

Hey my lovely jubblies,

im sitting here in the library just browsing the net and thought why not do a blogpost! (the internet is faster down here) so its all good! so im going to show a little bath bomb that i fairly enjoyed :) It's the Space girl bathbob and its gorgeous! Its lilacy purple with pink GLITTER on it and its just gorg! It's £1.95 and it is a little small but its so worth it! it was such a relaxing bath! So heres the pics! xxx

This was just when i had put it into the bath

This is what it it looks like! isnt it so pretty?

AHHH!! purple bath felt like i was in galaxy purple land or something!

Whats your favourite bathbomb from Lush? any recemondations?

(i know i cant spell)

Hugs&Kisses xoxo



Hello my lovely jubblies!

this is yet another little fotd and again it wasnt today but here it is ..

excuse the sillyness of my face here lol i felt in a silly mood that day :p

this is my eeeyeshadow that i done, again i cant remember what i used sozzy! but i just went for a very smokey brown eye with my elf cream liner as my definition line at my lash line

this is just a ring i had on that i thought is cool1 its from primarni

and this is me! i curled my hair a little too just for a wee change :)

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Hello my lovely jubblies :)

This isnt what i had my make up and hair like today because 1. i didnt wear any today and 2. i have have died my hair lol! but i have lots of photos that i have taken to do blogs on and havent done them yet because i either havent got time or havent got round to them yet so there will be a few tonight hope  you all dont mind :)

i though this is just a gorgeous nude-esq look i cant remember what i wore on my face this day because it was a while ago. sozzy!

this is just to show my little plait that i did in my hair.. i used to do these every day when i went to high school and i dont know why because i love them and they look so cute!

these are just little clippys that i had put in to secure the plait.. they are from primark.

And this is what the finished me looked like :) all set and ready for uni LOL

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


TAG:Skincare & Make up!

Hello my lovely jubblies!

Tag your it! i tag everyone who reads this post to redo it and comment on this post with your blog name so i can then read it too :D have fun! <3

1. How often do you wash your face? yes i often wash my face also with face wipes
2. Your skin type? sometimes dry patches but i dont suffer from acne or that
3. Which facial cleanser do you use? clearisil
4. Do you use facial peels? yes sometimes
5. Which peeling product do you use? ones from lush mostly
6. Which moisturizer do you use? nivea creme
7. Do you have freckles? yes, i have lots of freckles but more in the summer
8. Do you use an eye cream? no just nivea all over
9. Do you have acne problems? no no
10. Do you use SPF? yes, in the summer
11. Foundation? mabilenne and natural collection
12. Concealer? elf corrective concealer and love label
13. Do you know your skin tone? not really but i dont have an uneven skin tone or anything
14. What do you think about the false lashes? love them i always buy them in bulk from ebay.. saying that i need to get some more actually! haha 

15. What do you think about the rule of changing mascara every 3 months? i believe in it because i hate when i feel like i have dry eyes and
16. Your mascara? rimmel daytonight
17. Sephora or MAC? mac but i havent actually bought anything from the range but have herd so many good reviews and stuff about them

18. Which makeup tool do you use mostly? make up brushes
19. Do you use eye shadow base? yes i use an eyelid primer in golden by elf
20. Base for face? havent yet but i doi want to buy a primer for my face
21. What is your favourite eye shadow? cant choose i have loads

22. Which one is your favourite: liquid or dry eyeliners? both but i dont like dry kohl pencils i have to buy creamy ones that dont drag across my eyelid
23. Have you ever had a mascara accident? yes plenty of time im surprised im not blind already!
24. What do you think about pigment eye shadows? havent ever tryed them
25. What about mineral make up? love it i love the feeling of it on my face
26. What is your favourite lipstick? natural collection 

27. Lipgloss? any ones i love them as long as there not too sticky
28. Your favourite blush? natural collection such soft feeling products
29. Do you buy make up from Ebay? not that often
30. What do you think about drugstore products? i only buy drugstore products so love them
31. Have you ever considered taking a make up lesson? yes i wanted to do beauty before i decided to go to fashion uni
32. Are you clumsy in putting make up? no
33. What's the worst make up disaster for you? poking my eye with my mascara or lines where i havent smudged it properly
34. Do you like bright ot natural colors? both im soft and bold depends what i feel like that day!
35. Which celebrities' makeup is your favorite? hmm... not really got one i have my own little style going

36. What would be your one and only make up material to use life long if you had to choose one? foundation
37. Do you ever go out without make up? yes ov course!
38. What do you think about your look without make up? dont mind it tbh
39. Which cosmetic brand do you think is the best? dont really know but im loving elf atm
40 . What do you think about make up in general? i love it! its my little hobbie now and im gradually building up my make up collection again! :) yayy! happy emma! xxxxx

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Elf Haul Swatchy watches!

                                                        Hey my lovley jubbleys!!

So i had promised my youtubers that watch my channel that i would do a little swatch post on what i bought so here it is, a little swatchy posty :)
It's not everything that i bought but as i took these pictures ages ago i thought it will be fine because its only 2 pencils that havent been pictured!
So im going to do a few posts today because the internet at halls has been down for days so there will be a couple of fotd's tonight but some guy that works on the new halls cut the cable for the internet for everywhere about the halls so no one has been able to do work or go on facebook or anything!

OK! so i love this product for highlighting my face.. it the all over shimmer stick thingy priced at £1.50 but when i made my video on youtube, it broke! and i wasnt very pleased to say the least.. your suppossed to use it for your eyes cheeks and lips but i think personally if you used this all over your cheek youde look too greasy and if you used this on your lips then youde just look ill or something but i do like it for a highlighter!

This is a cream eyeshadow at £1.50 and its called coffe and cream and i think it looks really nice on blue toned eyes as its applies very neutral and looks lovely!

This bilimmin thing i LOVE because it works so well this was the only thing that i bought which was over £1.50, this was £3.50 which i still think is a bargain because it works a treat nom nom nom!! the yellow tone is for under eye bags.. the blue tone is to erease out any lines from tanning.. the green tone is for any blemishes and spots or anything like that and the pink tone is for the inner corner and outer corner of your eyes to brighten them and to give you 'An awakened' look :D I LOVE IT! and i will deffo be getting again when i run out!

This eyelid primer is in Golden and it was £1.50 but im not too impressed with because when i went to use it one day there was a lot of the product round and about the side and the lid of it so it was very messy but i do like using it if im using a creamy eyeshadow.

This pressed powder is brilliant it was £1.50 and i highly recommend you getting this, i have mine in light biege :)

This is a powder eyeshadow called Olive and it was £1.50 the only thing i dont like about this eyeshadow is that its very powder so like i mean when i apply it on my eyelid with my eyeshadow brush theres a lot of fall out underneath my eye and a lot on my brush too, but i love the colours!

Sorry about the blurry pictures because i did take these pictures with my iphone because i havent got a proper camera yet but hopefully *fingerss crossed* im getting a good and new camera for my birthday so only got a few months to wait :)

                                                                Hugs&Kisses xoxo