Recent Empties #1

Hey! i have used up quite a lot of products in the last month (and a half) and thought i would make a post about them and let you know if i would repurchase (or not) and what i think about them. As i have used ALL of the product up in these bottles and containers all of my opinions are 100% truthful as i have had the time to experience the quality, consistency etc of them all! 



NOT: [DermaVia] OK, so this was brilliant for taking off my acrylic fake nails but for everything else this isn't the best. The formula of the polish remover became bitty and the nail polish that was getting removed started to just lay in with the liquid itself and therefor ended up going all over my finger tip. This is a great product for what it says but don't be a tight arse like me and just use it for general nails polish removing techniques! I won't be repurchasing this!


 HOT: [Lavera, Sensitiv] These were brilliant little samples that we got from my friend to put into our goodie bags for the fashion show that myself and classmates held to showcase our collections. It is a polish brand i think and honestly i would purchase the full size of this! It is a lovely 'spa' smelling product and leaves the skin beautifully soft with no oily, filmy residue behind! 


 HOT: [Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer] This is one of my favourite concealers! It does a brilliant job of hiding any imperfections and does just as lovely a job for highlighting under the brow bone, on the bridge of the nose and the cupids bow. It is a great product and a great and affordable price! I love it!


 MAYBE: [Benefit, Porefessional] I haven't been as wowed with this product as much as some other bloggers and you tubers. I have dry/combination skin and i felt like when i used this on my face, i apply it and apply my foundation and base and it sits beautifully the first hour or so but then it collects around any dry patches of skin i have on my face and makes my base looks very cakey and very un finished! I won't be repurchasing this any time soon!


HOT: [Soap and Glory Hand Food] This is one of my favourite hand creams! I have another 3 bottles waiting to be used  in my beauty stash! It has the most gorgeous smell and feels just as gorgeous as your massaging it into your hands. Personally i think i have to rub my hands together a little longer than i would want to for this to absorb completely but i don't really mind this because of how great the product is. When i finish the other 3 bottles i will continue to repurchase this beauty!


 NOT: Garnier Omega Skin] I don't really have much to say on this as it was just a sample i received in a magazine i bought. And i also think i applied it at the wrong time of the day for the product to do its thing to my skin properly. I found it a little too oily for my liking and i don't think i would buy this full size.


 HOT: [Palmers' Eventone Body Milk] Same as above, just a sample in a magazine but i did love this. I love Palmers' moisturisers anyways but as this is a body milk i think it just made it feel that little bit more luxurious when i applied it. This little sample only covered my arms and chest area but i was alright with that for what i got in the sachet. I will be purchasing this when i run out of every other moisturiser i have to go through!


 MAYBE: [Montage, Jeunesse, Green Tea Peel Off Mask] I used this face mask when i was in a bubble bath, which meant it couldn't set properly on my face which was a pity because i had high hopes for this one. I usually always use this brand for face masks (that or Lush) and i love some of them but i didn't think much of this. It didn't really help clear my pores or leave my skin smoother after it had been taken off. I won't repurchase this one.


 NOT: [Wella Finishing Spray] I received these in a goodie bag for a hair catwalk show i attended at Uni and i thought they would be great to use once i had styled my hair. I was right about being exited because they hold the style in place brilliantly, that is until you hit the great british weather of rain and lots of wind and then my styled hair was ruined. I also didn't like how this made my hair feel very crispy and brittle, it wasn't very easily brushed out either and so i won't be purchasing this in full size or even baby travel size. Also, my hair is very dry and bleached damaged as well and i felt that this was not helping the condition of my hair at all.


 MAYBE: [Seanergy crema hidrtante de Aloe Vera] Myself and stuart bought this moisturiser in Majorca 2 and bit years ago, It was about 9 euros and has lasted so well. I like it because it left my skin feeling very supple and silky soft feeling. This moisturiser has a very pungent, strong smell of Aloe Vera, so if you don't like strong smelling creams you will defiantly won't like this all over your body.  I cant buy this over here in the UK which I'm not exactly pleased with because i do really like this but because of that i cant repurchase it.


 HOT: [NSPA, Vanilla Body Scrub] This is honestly one of my favourite body scrub brands. It's brilliantly affordable and does the job amazingly too! It's normally on deal in most supermarkets at 2 for 3 or 4 pounds. The beads that are in this formula are brilliant as they stick on the skin and actually buff away the top layer of dead skin. This being brilliant and all i would advise that you use this away from the running water from the shower because if you use it under the running water this has a tendency to slip straight off of your hand and down the drain. Speaking from lots of experience with this one. I would repurchase this :) 


 NOT: [Argan Oil heat defence spray] This was useless! i bought it in the hope that it would be cheap and cheerful for the time that i was skint and by goly it was cheap but not exactly cheerful. The spray part of bottle where the product comes out of is crap, It scooshes out everywhere like a 190 degrees instead of like a 50 degrees where you actually want the product to go. I didn't feel like this helped my hair through any heat i used either. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone to be honest. I don't like it at all.


 HOT: [I Love... Strawberries and Cream Shower gel/bubble bath] This was lovely to use, it lathered up brilliantly on my shower poof and it smelt gorgeous too. The scent of this shower gel actually lingered on my skin for an hour or so after i had came out of the shower and dryed myself too, RESULT! This is a great affordable product, its only a few pounds and can be used as shower gel or bubble bath, i did use this once for the use of my bath but i didn't like it all that much this way and prefer it much better for my showers. I love, I love... Strawberries and Cream, and there are multiple 'scents/flavours' to buy and use i cant wait to buy more!


HOT: [NEW, Carino Hair Culture Proffesional Quality, Deep Cleansing shampoo and conditioner] This was a complete bargain find, ALDI, for 1.99 each! and they were 500/750ml bottles I'm sure. They really cleanse the hair clean and it does exactly what it says on the tin (bottle in this case) I do a double shampoo when i have had lots of styling products in my hair and it breaks up that gunk and harshness brilliantly and leaves my hair smelling gorgeous and feeling and looking glossy and uber clean. The conditioner lathers up just as beautifully as the shampoo, as weird as that sounds that conditioner is great at lathering up in the hair but it really helps to get right down into the hair follicles and split ends of the hair. I love these so much and i would buy them for all my friends if i could.

EmmaLou xox


BSc Degree? Scientist in Fashion?

Hello my gorgeous readers!! 

First of all thank you all so much for sticking with me and my 'breaks' and 'not blogging at all' moments!!! and i know i keep saying this but i am really going to dedicate my time towards my blog and i have even written up a schedule on my calendar, so i stick to it and its written in black and white now!! 

So i have some fantastic news!! and some not so fantastic news (this will come in another post, its not  the most upbeat news and I'm feeling good today) 

I have officially finished Uni and by golly am i glad about this!! I sat 3 years and don't want to continue onto 4th year so i am graduating in 2 weeks (20th june) *sqwwwwweeeeeeee* i cannot wait for it! 

I have loved this adventure that i have been on the past 3 years and at the same time i have found it extremely stressful and lonely at some points. I was never that student that went out every weekend or every thursday and got stinking drunk, that was just never me so this kind of abrupted my experience at uni a little. Although this happened i always had pamper nights and dvd nights in myself or with my flatmates which made things a lot easier but overall i would advise young teens that want to go to Uni to go, Deffo!!! but just be aware that everyones Uni experience is completely different and you get into so much debt! I have loved it though. :) 

Now onto the best news everrr. I am graduating with a BSc (bachelor of science) Degree in Combined Studies (Fashion Technology) i am absolutely over the moon with this and i am so proud of myself for this! Although i have a little bit of a rough time and sometimes exiting times at Uni, no matter the experience, the end result is always worth waiting for and its the best feeling in the world!! 

Just wanted to share this with you :) 

Are any of you at Uni and what are you guys studying? 

Emma Lou xoxo