BSc Degree? Scientist in Fashion?

Hello my gorgeous readers!! 

First of all thank you all so much for sticking with me and my 'breaks' and 'not blogging at all' moments!!! and i know i keep saying this but i am really going to dedicate my time towards my blog and i have even written up a schedule on my calendar, so i stick to it and its written in black and white now!! 

So i have some fantastic news!! and some not so fantastic news (this will come in another post, its not  the most upbeat news and I'm feeling good today) 

I have officially finished Uni and by golly am i glad about this!! I sat 3 years and don't want to continue onto 4th year so i am graduating in 2 weeks (20th june) *sqwwwwweeeeeeee* i cannot wait for it! 

I have loved this adventure that i have been on the past 3 years and at the same time i have found it extremely stressful and lonely at some points. I was never that student that went out every weekend or every thursday and got stinking drunk, that was just never me so this kind of abrupted my experience at uni a little. Although this happened i always had pamper nights and dvd nights in myself or with my flatmates which made things a lot easier but overall i would advise young teens that want to go to Uni to go, Deffo!!! but just be aware that everyones Uni experience is completely different and you get into so much debt! I have loved it though. :) 

Now onto the best news everrr. I am graduating with a BSc (bachelor of science) Degree in Combined Studies (Fashion Technology) i am absolutely over the moon with this and i am so proud of myself for this! Although i have a little bit of a rough time and sometimes exiting times at Uni, no matter the experience, the end result is always worth waiting for and its the best feeling in the world!! 

Just wanted to share this with you :) 

Are any of you at Uni and what are you guys studying? 

Emma Lou xoxo

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