He Proposed!

Hey guys! im getting married! in this video im just letting you know what happened and how he done such a thing! I love him so much and cannot wait to be with him for the rest of my life!

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Topshop khol liner: REVIEW

Hello my beauties!
So I'm going to be reviewing this eyeliner for you all :)
First of all this is the first part of Topshop make up I have ever owned and to be honest I do love it!
1. This is super pigmented!
2. It's only like, £6 I think.
3. Super long lasting.
4. Smudges like butter.
5. It's a great to use as a base for a black smoky eye.
6. It sets quite quickly, so no budging.
So these are all my great points about this fabulous product from Topshop. I haven't used anything else from the Topshop makeup range other than a cream blusher, which I am hoping to review soon too so watch out for that. I will be diving into Topshop again soon to buy some more products to have fun with so i'm looking forward to that.


Thanks so much for reading and I hope I helped make a decision for you to buy this beautiful black, coal, eyeliner.
Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Neon Sandel heels

Hello my beauties. Hope you're all doing well, I've had a great couple of days.
So when Stuart and I went to the beautiful capital of Edinburgh to see Derren Brown, we went shopping during the day and seen him in the evening. Anyways, we went into Primark of course and wandered about. we got to the bottom floor and I discovered the SHOE section! and oh my, was I in heaven!
I ended up just buying these little beauties.
They are absolutely gorgeous! But damn do they hurt!! The only reason they hurt for me to walk in them is because I am so used to walking in plat formed heels and not ones with such a thin heel and nothing on the ball of my foot, but other than that, I am in lusting love!!!
They are a little steal in my eyes at only £12!

Thanks for reading hunnies :)
Hugs&Kisses xoxox