Hey my lovelys!

was just doing my make up and thought it would be nice to share what i have on my face today so just a little post, short and sweet some might say :) i know its a bit extremem to have 7 photos of myself on my blog for just a fotd but i was having so much fun! dont judge :)

Base: Soap & Glory Hocus pocus, for that vibrant awake look

Foundation: Rimmel wake me up foundation in 103 true ivory! LOVE THIS FOUNDATION!

Concealer: Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in fair i beleive, the name and everything has totally rubbed off! :(

Powder: to set my foundation i used Natural Collection Pressed Powder in Warm

Contour & Highlight: Collection 2000 Shimmer shades in way to go :) 

Blusher: Collection 2000 in Blushilicouis, i used the peachy toned square

Eyebrows and eyelid colouring: Vivo ultimate eyebrow and eye kit, you can pick this up at tesco :P

Gel Eyeliner: essence in 01 midnight in paris, picked this up on holiday, its not available in the uk :(

Water line eyeliner: asda own, in 01 black 

Mascara: Bourjois, volume glamour ultra care mascara ultra volume in noir black

Lipstick: Mua in shade 16 in nectar

Lipgloss: ontop of lipstick: Mememe, light me up high shine lipgloss in an orange colour (it doesnt have a name on it :(

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Little Holiday Post :)

Hello again my gorgeous, gorgeous people! 

So last week i went on holiday, in an aeroplane! for the first time in my life and i gotta say the plane ride is scary at first! but i was a big girl and didnt cry! Pah who am i kidding i baulled my eyes out! only on the way back though! but despite that fact'1 it was amazing! i had a great time! Stuart and i went, no one else, and not the kind of holiday that youre thinking of, just him and i, no no, we went to chill out and just be together and it was fab! We went to Porta Polencia, and it was great! its that sort of place for a family holiday so no late night clubbing like magaloof, even though that was the other side of the island! haha. It was absolutley amazing! We stayed in a gorgeous Apartment in the hills, even though we were at the bottom LOL but it was still loevly! We had to buy in all our own food and went out every night for meals so to the least we both spent a lot of money whilst there! Probs more on stuarts behalf though! THANKS HONEY! HE reads my blog once and while, :) I took loads of photos but i wont bore you with them all so heres a few little snaps that i like the best: 

Sorry for the huge amounts of pictures, i just couldnt chose which were my favs but these are some of them hope you enjoyed this post :) much love! 

Hugs&Kisses xoxo

7 Things!

Hello my lovelys,

So i know once again i havent blogged in a while but hey ho ive been busy! ive been on my first ever holiday abroad which is oh so exiting so there will be a little post on that soon but for now i have this one for you all gorgoues people! 

i was browsing through my blog posts that i hadnt read and came across this one from louise from sprinkle of glitter! she a sweetie! i <3s her :) and basically she is setting herself 7 goals, 7 achievable little or big gaols to do whether its in 7 days or 7 weeks, and her readers loved this idea so she thought it would be a great idea to get everyone involved, so she has let us use her image below! (doesnt she look ravashing!) :) and do our own little post about it so here goes:

Ive never been one to set myself big goals and stuff like that because i just never reach them so by doing t his every now and then i feel it will be a better way to help me reach whatever i want! 

7 Things i want to achieve hopefully by August! 

1. Pay all of my rent from last year at uni! :( unfortuantly i havent been able to pay all of it off yet     because ive had a lot of money issues but hopefully that will get sorted soon! *fingers crossed*

2. Grow my nails to a proper length and have lovely nails for going back to uni! Tootsies and Fingertips! 

3. Read the second book from the oh so amazing, Hunger Games! i read the rest of my first one on holiday. Its amazing!! 

4. Keep my bedroom clean and tidy! Easy right? you would think so! 

5. Be there for everyone more! and appreciate everything i already am so lucky to have! 

6. Be more active with Stuart, We are wanting to be a bit more healthier now and hopefully we will be and stick to it, so hopefully much more walking will be done and not as much eating crap from ASDA! HAHA! hope we do well.

and last but not least...

7. Stop spending all my money of crap that i dont need! i.e more clothes for a while! as much make up, sweets and food and drinks that i dont need to buy from ASDA when theres stuff in the house! 

So thats my little goals! Whats yours? leave them in the comments and i will have a look or head over to louises blog and do the same as me you can go there www.sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.com 

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


cosmo blog awards

Hey girlies so im gonna ask something cheeky this morning, im gonna ask you to goand vote for my blog in either the nexts' new comers blog or the cosmos best beauty blog i would absolute love the chance of even being entered into this! i mean what a priviledge it is even to have people read my blog in the first place  love everyone so dearly who does read my blog and spread the word about it, i do hope you all do because i am a hard worker and although i love doing my youtube videos and i love blogging, it helps me to know im also doing it for another reason, which is for other peoples pleasure too, so it would be amazingly appreciated if you could do that for me but if you dont want o vote for me and theres another blog you love out there still go ver to the cosmo blog awards site because theres amazing oppertunies on the next voting site! and you could also vote someone else that you love! 

<a href="http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/blogs/cosmo-blog-awards-2012/cosmo-blog-awards-2012_nominate"><img src="http://www.natmagnewsletters.co.uk/cosmo/blogawards2012/blogawards.jpg" alt="fashion" border="0" /></a>

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Hey girlies!


So im just writing this post right now and its 4.03 in the morning and i cant sleep, im tired but i know if i lay my head down on my soft little pillow im not gonna sleep so im on mrs lappie! thats my laptops name! (you all have a name for your laptops, dont lie!) haha! but this is just going to be a little bit of an update post more than anything! so here we go..

I go on holiday to Porta Polenza in Majorca on the 11th june which is less than a week away and this is my first time abroad ever! so let me know what you think about that! m soo exited! ive been getting things and bits and bobs ready for like the past month now because im so exted! the only downer to this exitment is i get sore tummys and sore heads all the tme because of my exitment but im not one for taking pills like paracetomal or anything, so i just have to grin and bear with it! ts just Stuart and  who will be going on holiiday, so you could say its a 'romantic' holiday too!

Stuart and i are also dong great! unfortuantly if you watch my youtube channel, which you can find in this link here: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheEbown you will know that Stuart bless him! has got Alapecia, i think ive spelt that correct! he had it when we met but it never really got bad untill july/august 2011 time and now it has got so bad that he decided to shave his hair off, which was a shock to us all at first but he knew no matter what he decided to do we were and are all there for him, but were used to it now and hes still that gorgeous, kind, loving, genorous guy that i fell in love with and still love no matter what comes our way!

Im at home untll August just now and when August comes along im moving back to sunny or not so sunny Galashiels to be with all my uni friends again! i will be moving into a gorgoeus uni flat with one of my best friends that ive known since i was about 7 years old and now im coming 20, and 2 other amazing people we met at uni last year and they are kirsty and scott! they are just fantastic! love them all loads! i cant wait to move in with them! so hopefully when i move back there i will try and get a job sorted out before i start uni again!

As for this moment in time! im applying and applying for jobs and im not seeming to have any luck! its ridiculous these days! even for a cleaner! you have to have an award to be a cleaner and they ask for prevous expericence but how is anyone suppoosed to get previous experence in anything if they cant get the job in the first place to recieve this amaing experience! it does my tits in it really does!

Well theres my lttle update! i have enjoyed doing this post! feels like ive got a lot off of my chest! letting it all out down in this little box! i hope whoever reads my blog doesnt mnd these because i have loved doing it!! :) so if you have anything you want to relieve off of your sqeeeeshy brain and its bothring you or whatever leave t below! im great at reading and im actually great listener and adisor but cant really listen over mrs lappie here! but thanks for reading if youve got this far haha!!

Hugs&Ksses xoxo