Long Lost Emma!

Hey my lovelies 

So im so sorry that i havent been doing much posts and i know i keep saying it but i am, so ive titled this long lost emma because tbh ive not been that inspired really to do any blog posts but i am getting a birthday present early and its a camera (a good one!) so hopefullly having that will push me a little more to take decent pictures and do little reviews and so on,

I have got some reviews i want to do soon but now im going to wait untill i have got my camera and then do them at least then everything will be in decent quality and what not!

So soon enough i will be back with fashion posts and beauty posts for you all to drole over and have a good ol' read at :) 

So i hope your all feeling good and having a great week so far and enjoy the bank holidays! 

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Review: Elf: Make up and mist set spray

Hello my lovelys so i promised you all that i would a review on this little bottle of set make up spray,
so i'll just get started with the price, it's £3.50 which in my book is very good for this specific product because i do like it al lotl but... to me the only thing that lets this little one down is the formula, i know it's a spray spritz thingy and its liquid but i feel it is too wet as it goes onto the skin ontop of make up of course, as i apply this after i've finished my make up i feel like its all going to just come off again and it will run down my face.. which is well shit tbh BUT! hold your horses in thinking this happens because it doesn't! To my surprise, even though i feel like this is going to happen i do think it works well enough for the price range that it is, to keep the make up on and stay well enough through out the day. i think that is the only bad thing i think about this product if im honest.

On the plus side to this, as ive just mentioned it does hold the makeup in one place for at least up to a good 4-5 hours and then i usually do a little touch up here and there, i so like the fact that a little goes a long way with this too! i only need 3-4 spritz of this and im done, so then it also lasts longer! HAPPY DAYS! i also love the cute packaging it comes in which as you can see is a black see through plastic bottle, it isn't the most enviromentol packaging ive seen but it can be re-cycled which i like! with the whole saving the planet idea! :) it is a spritz bottle with a screw cap as well which means it's super easy to use and also you can use it again for something else like to hold water in or liquid leave in conditioner and you just want it in a smaller case thingy.

 So thats me done with this review i do hope ive helped you with your decision if you were thinking of purchasing it, i dont think i will repurchase sonn after ive used this one up only because i want to try out other ones first to see which i prefer.

Have you got any favourite setting sprays that you could reccomend? Let me know :)

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Well long time no see my lovelys :) im back from litttle time away from blogging, just a heads up if your wondering, i am going to have a review on Elfs Makeup mist and set on my youtube later on this week because i have eventually started wearing makeup again slowly but surely ehh!? it will also be on my blog :) so look forward to that :) but i havent been intirely inspired to do any blogging lately but i did want to show everyone and anyone who reads my lickle ickle blog some things that ive upto these past few days :) so here is a few pictures that i have taken :) 

This is my little nephew Koby that im sure you have seen before in another one of my posts, 
i got this picture sent to me this afternooon from my beloved father :) 

May the forth be with you! went to a star wars event thingy last night and took a few pics :) 

Found these little beautys in River Island the other whilst shopping, no need to say anything! yes they are all away now! 

My Rainbow nails that i was rocking for the last few days :) 

Stuart analy sorting out his dvds alphebetically and in order! haha GEEK ALERT!

Stuart at the filling station the other day :) yummy lunch!

May the Forth be with you once again with stuart :) 

Stuart again in Bloc :) 

And my chilled bath that i had today :) with my little pink tootsies! with a part of happy blooming and half of a dorothy :) 

Thanks for reading guys! hope you enjoyed :) 

Hugs&Kisses xoxo