Street Style photos :)

Hello gorgeous little minions :)
So for one of my new classes (Fashion Photography) ohhh i here you say ;) i had to take 40
photos of 'Streetstyle' fashion.
We were asked to go to London Fashion week but there
was no chance i would have been able to afford to go to that, y'know, travel.. accomadation..
food.. everythiing! so instead i went into glasgow town centre and breahead shopping centre
wth stuart and aqwardly asked if i could take pictures of random 'fashionable' shoppers in the street.
99% of the people i asked were more than happy to let me appart from one guy, which i thought
he looked 'cool as ice' but he said "not really, im far too hungover for that nonsence" but thats the only person! yay!
 So these are a few of the photos that ive taken, hope y'all like it :)
Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Where am i???

Hello my lovelys'!

First of all i just have to say im so sorry that i havent blogged for so long! ive been away and had summer and back to uni and what not, i dont really really wanna get too much into it, but lets just say i was down in england for about a month because my granniie passed away. So ive had some time to grieve and move on with things and then had to move back down to Galashiels for uni :)

So thats the reason why havent blogged or done any youtube videos either, i dont know how to do the, here the link to my youtube channel thing yet so if you wanna watch any of my videos, just type in the youtube search engine 'theebown' i will hopefully come up.

Ive also had that bloggers wall that i like to call it, that ive hit, where i just kinda lost interest of what i was doing and like writing about and hadnt had any or much inspiration to do blogs and videos so i stopped. But from the past few days up to a week or so now.. ive been thinking, ''oh i could do a review on that'' or ''oh heyyyy, that might go down well in the blogging world or youtube world'' so here i am, now back a fisty for blogging :D cant wait to get started reviewing things, showing you stuff and all that jazz

So again sorry for the big space from not hearing from or that but im back and not going anywhere :)

just me right now blogging in my pj's and housecoat.. keeping it real ;) ha!
                                                                   Hugs&Kisses xoxo