Liebster Blog Award

Hello my lovelies :)

It's a long one so i would grab a cuppa if i were you!

So its now been twice that i have been voted for this Liebster award, im still not quite sure what exactly it is but thanks anyways iona and lynne for voting for me and my little slice of the big interwebs :)

These are the rules:

1) Write 11 facts about yourself
2) Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you
3) Choose up to 11 blogs (with less than 200 followers) and write 11 questions for them (remember to let them know youve nominated them)

So, 11 facts about me:

1) i am a fashion student at Herriot watt university

2) i am absolutly in love with my bf

3) i am 20 years old

4) i must be a magpie or something because if anything sparkles in any shape of way i am totally drawn to it and then it becomes my best friend!

5) at this moment in time, i am trying despretely to lose wieght and get more fit and toned

6) i have 2 elder brothers and 1 elder sister

7) i have a nephew called Koby :) hes adorable

8) i want to be a makeup artist

9) i would love to go to makeup school to become a makeup artist

10) i have a youtube channel which you can subscribe to here

11) i cannot wait to have a family  of my own and be happy with my own little family

11 questions from Lynne

1) If you had to go without lpstick or mascara for the rest of you life which could you give up?

and my answer to that would be ide have to give up lipstick, because you can make your lips look pinker or shinier with other substances in your household, but i would always want full looking lashes and for them not to look horrible and gruby.

2) What's your favourite type of blogpost to write?

my fav blogspot to wirte might just have to be tag posts, i love doing tags on my blog and my youtube

3) What's the best holiday youv'e been on?

The best holiday ive been on is when my family and extended family went to a caravan site in england if i remember rightly, but i also had an amazing time on my first ever abroad holiday with stuart too.

4) What's your fav tv show?

my fav tv show is big bang theory. i absolutly love it, and no matter how much its repeated on tv i still love watching the same programme because it will always be funny

5) Are you a heels or flats girl?

I wish i could say im a heels girl but i do much prefer flats, this is only because im such a tall girl, being 6" without heels kinda puts you off from wearing them during the day.

6) Which would you rather do: go on a big night out, go for dinner and cinema, or have a night in with a takeaway and a dvd?

Ide rather go for dinner and cinema, this is just because i love the quite and now im a bit older i actually dont really enjoy going for the 'whole big night out' and would rather have dinner then film and then go home and chill out.

7) Which friends girl are you most like? Phoebe, rachel, or monica?

Personally ide have to say rachel because im a bit ditsy, but loves fashion and is really girly but others may disagree

8) What has been your biggest beauty mistake? a dodgy haircut, questinoable makeup look etc.

Mine would be, probably to much contouring bronzer, ive went too far sometimes and looks like i just have big brown lines going down my cheeks LOL

9) What's your fav. accent?

it is the english accent, i totally miss having an english accent and would do anything for to have it back!

10) if you were a celeb. and had to go on a reality show, would you rather go onto celebrity big brother, im a celebrity get me out of here, strictly come dancing or dancing on ice?

ide do dancing on ice, only because i absolutly love how elegantly you could dance and move around the ice in

11) If you were only allowed to buy clothes from one shop/website for a year, which would it be?

ide say river island for both as they have good quality garments and shoes (heels and flats) and there quite affordable most of the time too.

alright so i dont follow a lot of small blogs but these are my nominees:

1) morag
2) laura
3) melissa
4) emma
5) paula
6) katie

So theres my nominees and my questions to them are:

1) what makeup product would you not be able to love with out?
2) what type of blogpost is your favourite to read?
3) What do you think will be in trend for s/s 2013?
4) What type of nail polish is you least and most favourite?
5) do you prefer highend makeup or highstreet makeup? and why?
6) do you prefer to wear dresses or trousers?
7) What would you take to a desert island, excluding makeup, laptop, family and friends and phone
8) What is your favourite shop to shop in and why?
9) whats your favourite film in the world and why?
10) which would you pick if you were to go with blusher or lipstick, and tell us your reason why
11) If you havent already, would you ever think about starting up a youtube channel?

So hope everyone enjoyed this post, i know its a long one and im sorry for that, this may just be the longest post ive done in my blog.. aww wee blog, you done good!

Hugs&kisses xoxo



2nd Anniversary

Hello my lovelies :) 

Here is a post of mine and stuart 2nd anniversary :) 

 We went out for dinner and also stayed in the gorgeous new premier inn that has not long been built in Glasgow near Cineworld. It was beautiful, it didn't exactly feel like we were staying in the premier inn as it felt much more up street and classy, we thought :) We ventured out of Glasgow city for something to eat and went to milngavie instead, Andiamio is where we went, an italian restaurant which was beautiful this is their website here the interior was just lovely, their welcome was outstanding and the service was amazing too, couldn't really complain with the whole experience really, and this was our first time going to this restaurant too, so you know, we all know first impressions count. We ordered a starter of the soup of the day which was Mediterranean vegetable with chicken and Mozzarella Sticks with a little olive oil and bread platter. which was delicious, and for our main stuart got Meat pizza which was kind of spicy hot and i got tagliatelle with asparagus and smoked salmon. But as we had got quite starchy filling starter, the main was just a bit too much and so we got to take it way in a little take away box/bag thingy. But overall we both have said we would go back to this restaurant, only if we don't eat for a day before we go.

We then went into central and walked up to the hotel which seemed liked a long walk to me, this was only because i had shoes on that i had bought from the almighty Primark years ago, but they haven't got any sort of platform on them which made it harder and sorer to walk in, i also walk to the side of my feet which didn't help any either. But once walked up to the hotel we were both pretty tired and just chilled in the suite for little bit, and then decided we were just going to have a small drink in the hotel bar and then headed to bed, such party animals we are! oh dear! 

Stuart, the gorgeous and romantic man that he is, got me a beautiful crystal heart shaped necklace from bus. He then made a very meaningful, thoughtful present by buying a photo, memory book from Asda, and filled it with pictures of us from the past 2 years, and luckily there is space for more pictures for the next few years to come :) 

Unfortunately, i hadn't had enough pennies to buy stuart his anniversary present, and so I'm combining his 22nd birthday, our Anniversary and our valentines into one present and basically buying him another tattoo. which i cant wait to go a get! i might get something with him but not sure as yet.

So actually, our 2nd Anniversary together was pretty awesome and it was just lovely to spend time with stuart on his own without having to worry about house chores and having to go or be anywhere in a time limit. So heres a 'few' photos that have taken from the past few nights which we enjoyed thoroughly :) 

Taking silly photos before left.

This was inside the restaurant.

Beautiful rose awaiting my arrival and rose petals scattered over the hotel bed.

On the way into Central on the train.

Sauve pose from lover boy.

Gorgeous view from the top of the 18 story hotel.

We both love this gorgeous picture! 

Laughing at silly stuart.

Classy toilet mirror pic.


My rose! 

Hugs&Kisses xoxo


Its cold outside :)

 Hello my lovelies :) I do love having my own little slice of the world wide web that i can just play about on whenever i want to :) So today i have an OOTD for you, I haven't posted an ootd for ages, so a different little sight today ::)

It's absolutely freezing outside still! of course we stay in Scotland so its not gonna be warm any time soon.

So for that fact i had to double up on cosiness  so i have a silver, metallic jumper on teamed with an electric blue through over cardi both from Asda. I just wanted to be comfy today so it as leggings all the way. I have flats on from primark too and to layer even more i have my very old South Parka jacket on top.

Scarf: Primark
Sparkly Belt: Asda
Metallic Jumper: Asda
Blue Through over jumper: Asda 
Leggings: Newlook, Inspire
Earrings: Asda
Shoes: Primark (mens section)
Bracelt: Primark
Lipstick: Kate Moss, 103 (i think) 

I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas and had a great new year! I have a lot more posts and youtube videos planned for the ne year so thank you everyone for sticking ith me throughout 2012 and bring on 2013 i say, i gotta feeling it'll be a good one! :D 

Hugs&Kisses xoxo