It's begining to look a lot like Christmas :)

Hey Dolls!! <3

Arghh! i'm actually getting so exited! It's nearly chrsitmas! exactly 20 days and christmas day will be upon us all :D and we will all be snuggly in our warm houses, enjoying the special times with our family :) i cant wait! So, i'm officially home for christmas now and im getting in the jolly old mood for SANTA CLAUS! And Stuart and I have been getting upto to some christmasy things :)

 We went for cheeky, little Christmasy costa and both got a Hot Chocolate :) we went for a nice night at bowling this night :) this time only! Stuart won :( Well done babe!
We are regually going for nice wintery walks now a days too! they are so revitalizing, (f thats the right word) I feel so good when i get in :)
 Goerge Square!!

 These are pictures of stuart and i at his local town and there big Christmas Tree :) Cant wait for christmas!!!!
And this is the Thumbnail that  am using for my videos, i am taking part in Vlogmas! :D its so much fun watching different peoples vlogging and its so much fun doing it too! so you can check that out Here 
Beware guys! there might be lot more chrismtas posts to come :)
 I hope everyone else is in the christmas spirit like i am and are as exited as me too! WOOP WOOP for being jolly and exited for Santa!! :) right? ... No? ok then :(
Hugs&Kisses xoxo 

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