College Life

Hi there!
I have graduated from University and am now in College AGAIN! I study HNC Fashion makeup Artistry and I am loving it! I have sat my first block which included, Applied Hairdressing, Basic/Bridal and skincare makeup, Lash and brow tinting and brow tweezing, thankfully I have passed everything for block one and we are now onto block two which is where everything starts to get arty farty and way more creative! which btw I am soooooo exited for! :D
So here are just a few photos of the work that I have done for block one!

Mature Makeup

Bouncy, curly Blow dry
Straight Blow Dry and Style Change for bridal
Tonged Dry set on short hair
Dry set, Style change

Basic makeup

Lots of love for you all! Happy 1st December!

Emma Lou xoxo